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No wedding is complete without flowers! When it comes to wedding florist services in Amarillo, TX, you can’t get better than Beautiful Garden Weddings & Photography. Our expertise in floral design and arranging is one of our most sought after wedding services. That’s because we are a full service florist that can design, source, and implement the entire floral aesthetic for your wedding.

At Beautiful Garden Weddings & Photography we source only the freshest and most vibrant flowers. This is imperative to the overall look and quality of your wedding’s floral design. Our implementation of your vision is always durable and beautiful so as to withstand the entire ceremony and reception, as well as leave your guests in awe of its beauty.

We’ve sourced and worked with all kinds of flowers and have tackled numerous weddings and wedding floral arrangements since opening our florist services to the public in the 80s. This guarantees that our services are always professional and of the highest possible standard. We work with you to design a floral décor that will suit your wedding’s look and feel perfectly.

Once we’ve established a design that you are pleased with, we set out on sourcing your unique floral choices and creating your beautiful blooming masterpieces. We can provide you with all required wedding flowers including:

• Brides and bridesmaids bouquets
• Groom and groomsmen pocket flowers
• Aisle flower arrangements
• Floral table centerpieces and décor
• General floral décor

Simply come and see us. We’ll work with you to custom-make a package that won’t jeopardize your budget, but will still have that special wow factor! Whether it’s plain and simple, or a grand floral explosion, we’ve got the creative know-how to meet your expectations.

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